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There are few more satisfying things than having the home you live in either built from scratch or remodeled to just the way you want it. It’s the feeling of uniqueness that it brings, that your own personality and your own tastes are imprinted on the place you call home. But, as with all Oregon construction, financing is the essential part of the equation on which so much rests.

There is nothing small about a construction project – and that is not just in terms of the physical aspects. From the sheer amount of materials required to the number of man hours it takes to complete the job, everything needs to be paid for. That’s why an understandable priority is the ability to source competitive construction to permanent financing deals that can cover all of the costs. Sadly, in the current economic climate, that is not such an easy thing to do.

But here at the Empire Building Company, we can make it easier for you to secure the new construction financing necessary to make your home building projects get off the ground and see them through to completion. We have lessened the red tape so commonly associated with loan applications, reducing the stresses involved. So, turning your dream home into your real home is all the more possible.

What is a Construction to Permanent Loan?

In basic terms, this type of loan for construction provides the necessary capital to cover the whole building project. Everything, from the purchase of land (if necessary), to the necessary materials and labor, can all be covered by one simple loan. In this way, the needless headache created by seeking different loans for different stages of the same project are easily avoided.

Unfortunately, there can be problems for many people in securing this kind of capital, especially when aspects such as income and credit history are taken into account. Even if a regular bank may be willing to grant a new construction home loan, and financing the building work from scratch, they may not be willing to financing the purchase of a plot of land to build on.

But, through a construction to permanent loan everything is covered, so work can start more quickly be completed more swiftly and, in the end, help make the while project less expensive.

Why Choose Empire Building Company Over Traditional Lenders?

Well, the simple answer is convenience. Because we’re the company who’ll do the building project for you, we already know exactly what is required and how much it will cost. So, we are in the best possible position to offer you the best financing deal available – fast and with the minimum of fuss

At any of the traditional lending firms in Oregon, construction loan application processes are filled with a myriad of stressful conditions and costly terms. From providing documented proof of project costings, to financial and credit background checks, to the lengthy waiting period for approval that can leave you with sleepless nights, applying for financing is far from being a walk in the park.

Even owner builder construction loans, which some skilled DIY enthusiasts may seek as cost effective borrowing option, provides little relief with the red tape that surrounds such applications equally taxing.

At the Empire Building Company, we are interested in making your dream home a reality. So, through our range of private construction loans, you can bypass these application headaches, providing instead the security of certainty and the peace of mind which that brings.

Advantages at a Glance:

● one loan to cover all costs
● repayment schedules that suit you
● no fuss application process
● fast approval
● competitive rates
● peace of mind

No Lot – Let Us Help You

Perhaps you are starting from scratch, without even a plot of land to build on yet. The search for the right lot can take some time, but that is not the only concern. Buying a lot will greatly increase your start-up costs, and can add considerably to interest charges when borrowing from traditional lenders.

And, even if a lender does approve a loan, the deal is usually dependent on a large down payment being made on the land – in some cases as high 30%. The result is a major drain on your finances and major hurdle to getting your home constructed.

But, here at the Empire Building Company, we have both the ready resources and the expertise to find you the plot of land you need for your new home. We already have a selection of lots available on existing residential projects, in a variety of sizes and prices. But we also have the network to help you find and buy the perfect lot at the best price possible.

Residential and Commercial Construction Financing

Of course, our private money construction loans are not exclusive to residential projects. In fact, Empire Building Company has provided this kind of financial assistance for many commercial and foster care projects too.

For more details on all of our financing options, and to see how you can qualify for financing, simply contact our team at:

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