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Making Your Dream a Reality

A home is more than just a building. It’s a place for living, for nurturing and for growing – three key attributes a family needs. But just as every family is different, so too are the homes they desire. As a leading figure amongst Oregon home builders, Empire Building Company understands just how much more meaningful a custom built home can be.

If you are wondering why build a custom home rather than purchasing an existing home. Please see our article titled Portland Real Estate.

Of course, home building is a major undertaking, and not for the inexperienced. At Empire Building Company, we

have cut our teeth in the best way; working directly with our clients to turn their vision into reality.

Along the way, we have left hundreds of people happy in homes they can truly call their own, and have earned

the reputation of being Portland builders you can trust. That’s because we deliver construction services that are based on the principals of professionalism, reliability, honesty and attention to detail, and consistently offer convenience as well as quality.

Whether renovating your existing property to a specific vision or building from scratch custom homes, Oregon residents can now have precisely the residence they want, satisfying their practical needs, design preferences and ideal of what home living should be.

Built To Last; Built to Suit

Individual preferences in home design can vary quite dramatically, but functional needs are as essential to house plans as anything else.

When a business is being run from the home, there can be important extra considerations. Creating a home office, sound proof recording studio, or even facilities for home-based daycare centre, is all part of what we do.

As a leading Oregon home builder, we work closely with our clients because we know the finished project is as much a part of what they do, as it is a part of them.

What is more, we believe that every home should be built to last. That is why every Empire Building Company team consists of only highly skilled and highly experienced craftsmen, who have a proven record in quality.

In fact, our mission statement says it all:

We build quality custom homes at affordable prices without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship or detail.

Purchasing, Planning and Financing

The size of a home-building project extends beyond the bricks and mortar we see. It starts with an idea, progresses to a design plan and involves a stream of permit-applying, document-copying and finance-seeking.

What sets us apart from the other Portland home builders is the all-in-one service we provide, removing the paperwork headache by taking over the whole process. Not only do we organize planning permission applications, we can also locate and purchase your perfect property for you.

We even provide in-house financing, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing the funds necessary to make your dream home real. Take a look at our oregon construction financing program here.

Your Home Wherever You Are

Empire Building Company is renowned as a Portland home builder par excellence. But we can go anywhere our clients need us, building luxury custom homes in Oregon or across the border in Washington.

Simply tell us what your dream home is and we’ll work with you to make that dream a reality.