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Why build a custom home?

Custom Built Homes: Portland Real Estate Can’t Match the Feeling

It might seem a little obvious to state, but a home is as much a reflection of the personality of those people living there as it is shelter from the elements. Beautiful as pre-built Portland real estate might be, existing homes can rarely fully satisfy the home buyer. There is always some part of their dream that needs to be compromised on.

So, what can be done about it? Well, when it comes to making a home your own home, having it custom built to your own set of designs is impossible to beat. But it is surprising how many people believe that having a home built from scratch is a more expensive and more complicated undertaking than buying on the Portland Oregon real estate market.

But in fact, it is often a more affordable option, with new construction financing available direct from the Empire Construction Company making to easier to find the funding you need.

But affordability is just one advantage to choosing the custom built home over existing homes. The is also a freedom from compromise, an independence from market trends, and a chance to indulge.

Why Custom Built Home Are A Better Choice

Compromise is a big part of buying a home, not just in terms of what can be afforded but of what is on offer at the time you’re buying. Even with a clear idea of what you want, all that any Oregon real estate agent can do is show you want they have on their books.

The result is that home hunting can take a long time, and involve numerous agencies across town, across counties and maybe even across state lines.

For example, when searching through available real estate, Portland, Oregon, may have six homes with the interior space you want, but none in your ideal price range; Salem, Oregon, might have two homes big enough but not in ideal locations, and one too small but in the right area; and Vancouver, Washington, might have one home large enough but not in budget and three too small but in ideal locations.

In essence, the market tells you what home you can live in, with the chances of local or regional markets need to matching your detailed vision quite slim.

But with the right financial advice, a good architect and skilled Oregon home builders, you can indulge, and incorporate your favorite home designs in one home that you can afford and on the site that you want.

What We Can Do For You

As one of the leading Portland builders, the Empire Building Company offers custom home construction expertise that can ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

But we offer more than simply construction services. Sometimes the most difficult part is finding the right place, and many people know little about finding greenfield sites to build on.

There are two ways of securing a site: by purchasing a custom site in the area you like, or by buying a specific lot in an existing residential development. We can help you in both options.

Thankfully, when it comes to real estate, Oregon boasts some of the most beautiful green field sites with a variety of spectacular views. We have the network and knowledge to quickly find the right site on your behalf.

We can also recommend one of our existing developments, where we can build your home according to your plans within a growing community.

Financing Options

At the Empire Building Company, we know that financing is the cornerstone of any construction project. But in the current economic climate, it can be difficult to secure loans for construction, since lenders prefer to use the property purchased by a mortgage as collateral.

That is why we provide our own construction to permanent financing, making it easier for you to get work on your custom designed home started faster. You can also avoid many of the complex conditions associated with applying for financing through traditional lenders.

For more details, read our financing page or contact our team.

Custom Designed Commercial Property

Of course, the same opportunities for custom design exist for commercial and institutional property too. From specially-designed restaurants that match a desired theme, to office buildings that make a statement, to care facilities that meet the special needs of its residents, the Empire Building Company ensures all of your specific construction requirements are met.

But be it for commercial property or custom homes in areas around Vancouver in Washington and Portland, Eugene or Salem Oregon, real estate, financing and site purchase advice and help are important parts of the service we offer.

So, why not contact one of our team today, and find out more about how we can help you avoid the disappointments of buying an existing home and embrace the unbeatable feeling that having your own custom built home become a reality.